MultiPrep CellSprint Cytogenetic Robotic Harvesters

Multiprep CellSprint has been designed in collaboration with leading cytogenetics laboratories as a true walk-away automation solution designed to relieve suspension culture harvesting workload pressures in busy cytogenetics laboratories.

MultiPrep Genie 205 Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester

The MultiPrep Robotic Harvester is the only system available specifically designed to perform cytogenetic sample surface culture harvesting. Careful attention has been given to addressing the shortfalls inherent in all other systems currently in operation for surface culture harvesting, generating a product which is specifically tailored for the requirements of the cytogeneticist.


MetaPrep Automatic Cytogenetic Slide Preparation System

The MetaPrep Automated Cytogenetic Slide Preparation System allows the cytogeneticist full control over climate conditions and cell density for reliable and repeatable slide preparation.
- Removes variability, ensuring repeatable results
- System adjusts temperature and relative humidity
- Integrated densitometer to measure sample desnity
- Secure sample handling
- Intuitive operation