The Naica system exploits the key strengths of crystal in a compact, easy-to-use, simple and fast digital PCR solution

The Naica Crystal Digital PCR is Stilla's next generation technology for the absolute quantification of nucleic acids. Using advanced micro fluidic innovations, this technology integrates the digital PCR process into a single consumable.


The sample is first injected through a network of microchannels and partitioned into a large 2D series of 30,000 individual droplets, also called crystal droplets. The PCR is then performed on a chip which is then digitized to reveal the droplets that contain amplified targets. The final step is to count the number of these positive droplets to accurately extract the absolute amount of nucleic acids.

With Naica Crystal Digital PCR, the combination of powerful image analysis and intuitive visual inspection offers unparalleled confidence in the digital pcr measurement, generating data you can trust.

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One consumable per experience

Two instruments for the entire workflow

The fastest digital PCR system in the market with results generated in less than 2 hours


Analysis in less than 5 minutes

Multiplexing in 3 colors

User-friendly analysis software

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1- Crystal Generations and Amplification:


Load reaction mixtures into the wells of the Sapphire chip


Place the chip in the Naica geode


Launch the Crystal Digital program

Crystals of 25,000 to 30,000 droplets are created from each sample

The PCR amplification is carried out immediately after the generation of the crystals

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2-Reading & Analysis


Transfer chip to Naica Prism3 crystal Reader


The crystals are read using 3 fluorescent channels



Measure target nucleic acid concentrations with Crystal Miner software

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