The HANABI PI-PII-PIII PLUS controllers allow you to increase :
 the speed of sample processing,
 the reproducibility and quality of cytogenetic cultures.
 Protection of the environment and personnel
 The availability of technicians for other tasks, which are more valuable for the laboratory
 Space available in the laboratory by concentrating on a small surface all stages of centrifugation, aspiration, distribution, fixation, cell shock ... until recovery of the cell suspension.
 Better tracking of each sample without risk of manipulation error
 Very easy to use and easy to program. They can store up to 6 different programs.

The HANABI-S1020 is designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repeatability of specimens with cytogenetic dye on the slides.
The HANABI-S1020 is capable of processing slides  in batches of 20 and has a continuous loading mode allowing the operator to load another batch of slides when the first batch is being processed.