With ADS BIOTEC , the automation cytogenetic machines allow all laboratories in cytogenetics to standardize their handling and increase their efficiency. Because automation is not only for big laboratories with a large number of samples, it is also for those who want better reproducibility, standardization of techniques and a result not dependent on the experimenter. This frees up time for new cytogenetic techniques.
Automation is also simpler for laboratory accreditation and better standardization of conventional Cytogenetics techniques.





HANABI META CHROMOSOMES HARVESTERS automats are adapted to the routine of cytogenetics laboratories working on suspended cells (Blood, Amniotic fluid ...). They automate the following steps and manage several protocols : spreading on slide • centrifugation, • suction, • resuspension of cells, • distribution of reagents


















HANABI-P1000  ( NEW )


The HANABI-P1000 system for in situ cultures is available in 2 capacities, 40 or 65 samples. The instrument is used to automate the distribution and aspiration of reagents from petri dish or in situ culture on slides




The HANABI-PIV-PV-PVI systems , manufactured by ADS BIOTEC, enables Cytogeneticists to perfectly control climatic conditions and cell density for the preparation of optimum and reproducible slides





The HANABI PI-PII-PIII PLUS controllers allow you to increase :
 the speed of sample processing,
 the reproducibility and quality of cytogenetic cultures.
 Protection of the environment and personnel
 The availability of technicians for other tasks, which are more valuable for the laboratory
 Space available in the laboratory by concentrating on a small surface all stages of centrifugation, aspiration, distribution, fixation, cell shock ... until recovery of the cell suspension.
 Better tracking of each sample without risk of manipulation error
 Very easy to use and easy to program. They can store up to 6 different programs.

The HANABI-S1020 is designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repeatability of specimens with cytogenetic dye on the slides.
The HANABI-S1020 is capable of processing slides  in batches of 20 and has a continuous loading mode allowing the operator to load another batch of slides when the first batch is being processed.